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Our brand ATVs usually come in steal crates wrapped in cardboard. They are very simple to assemble and come about 95% assembled from the factory. Here are a few steps to make sure that you properly assemble your ATV so that you and your kids can spend countless hours riding your favorite ATVs.

1st Remove The Crate

You will first need to disassemble the crate that has protected your ATV. First you will need to take off all of the cardboard that your ATVs was wrapped in. Then you will need to remove the bolts that keep your ATV from moving around and get damaged.

2nd Locate bolts, Battery and all other hardware

The unit should come with a bag full of bolts, instructions, and a basic tool set. It is usually located either next to the ATV (On the foot rest) or underneath the seat (the seat has a latch in the back that you have to press to remove) there should also be a box with the battery in it. Some batteries are ready to go, but most others, you may have to add acid that comes with it in a separate container and charge up before you can use them for up 2 to 3 hours do not over charge the battery.

3rd Putting the front tires on

Once you have located everything you begin to put the wheels on. Make sure that the bolts on the rear tires are on there on tight in order for the wheels not to fall out during riding must add a cattery pins to all 4 tires. Have someone help you lift the front of the ATV and attach the two front tires. Again make sure that the bolts are on tight and screwed in appropriately in order to prevent them from falling out. There should be a washer and a pin that will go on there. Twist the pin with pliers in order to secure the bolt on the tire. Check the tire pressure for the tires with a tire pressure gauge in order to make sure the tires have the appropriate amount of tire pressure; the tire pressure depends on the size of the tires, it should be listed on the side of the tires.

4th Attaching the handle bars

Located the handle bars and adjust them to the height appropriate for the rider. You will need to use the Allen wrench to tighten the Allen screws for the four-wheeler. Make sure that the handle bar height is the correct size for the rider. Depending on your unit you will need to attach the break lever and starter on one side and the thumb throttle on the other side. You can screw this on with a regular screwdriver. Again for safety make sure that they are adjusted appropriately for rider of the four-wheeler. Once you're done go over all of the screws and make sure they are on tight as sometimes vibration from the engine can cause loose screws.

Attaching the front and rear racks (some models)

Depending on the your model you might need to attach the front bumper or the front and rear racks. Located the screws for them in the bag and attach them where the manual tells you to

Connecting the battery

Now you will need to connect the battery. First make sure that the battery is charged. Some units come with a complimentary battery charger. Most of these ATVs operate with a 12 Volt seasonal battery if not charged regularly these batteries may need to be replaced every 8-10 months months depending on use. Like I said earlier some batteries come with small liquid bottles for you to put in the battery. This is not battery acid, its simply a water and salt solution that will make the battery work. Locate the water solution pack open it and attach it to the battery until the liquid drains into the battery. Once you have made sure the battery is charged and ready to go you can now attach the battery. Make sure that you attach the positive post to the positive wire and the negative post to the negative wire. Put the battery into its compartment underneath the seat and screw on the terminals to the appropriate post. Attach the banana shaped seat it its place, the latch should click when you attach it and it should be pretty sturdy.

Your ATV is now Assembled

You are now done and ready to start up your ATV. Before you start up your ATV you might want to change the oil in it as many of them sit in the factory or warehouse for month before they are sold. Since they are mass-produced the factories sometimes use low-grade oil. Changing the oil before your first start can prevent many problems down the road. Once you have changed the oil you are ready to get your new ATV started. Enjoy your ATVs.

More How to Below!

How to assemble + start the Kids atv for the first time

1) Hook up battery, and assemble the rest of the unit.

2) FOR WHEEL ASSEMBLY, the wheel goes on first, then the wheel spacer (kinda pushes up underneath the hub), then flange washer, then the castle nut (finger tight), then tighten the nut down further until you can insert the cotter pin through the hole in the castle nut and the hole in the axle, Insert cotter pin.

3) use dipstick to make sure that there is enough engine oil. Mini atv use regular oil 10W30. (110cc atv=has sight glass, no dip stick). Once it is broke in, after about an hour of use, use 10w30 synthetic.

4) Loosen the bottom screw on the bottom of the carburetor to relieve the extra gas pressure. It allows the air to escape so that the gas can flow in and take its place . Then tighten this screw back up. This can often be the problem on 20% of the mini atvs that will not start.

5) do not use remote control for starting the first time. In fact we recommend that you never use the remote to start it because it drains the battery (also it takes off, idle speed makes it move when no one is on it).

6) Put gas in the gas tank. Use high 93 octane gasoline. Jets in the carb jets are very small and lower grade gasoline will clog them..

7) Make sure the throttle cable is pushed all the way into the top of the black rubber holder at the very top of the carburetor. Nut on top of the carburetor needs to be screwed down all the way down.

8) Turn on gas petcock (located on right side of carburetor, turn clockwise to on-it allows gas to fill the gas lines and the bottom of the carburator). Some models- this is not necessary because there is no gas shutoff valve petcock.

9) Put the key in the off position, then on the remote push lock and then unlock, then push lock and then unlock a second time.

10) Turn key to ON. To start the unit for the first time, you must use the key to start it. In order to use the remote start, the engine MUST be hot and the fuel lines must be full (will not cold start because you need to choke it anyway, defeating the purpose of the remote start)

11) Raise the back end of the unit up and put a block under the back end. This is a good position to have it in as you make adjustments while starting.

12) Fully choke the unit. We have two different models of chokes. One has the choke on the left handle bar (horizontal movement). The other has a vertical movement choke on the left side of the carburator. This carburetor of course is up under the plastic body of the atv. To start the unit, it has to be choked (left handle bar choke- slider should be all the way to the left (fully choked), other type=Carburator choke- slider should be all the way up (fully choked)

13) For some models -Set the left hand brake (pull back on the left handle brake lever) and then push red button (kill switch) on left handle grip=THIS IS OUR #1 Problem, because if you cannot start it and you continue to give it more and more gas = Flooding the engine and running too rich which then deposits BLACK carbon deposits on your spark plug making it very hard to start in the future. For other models -Set the left hand brake (pull back on the left handle brake lever) and push red switch forward on left handle grip (rocker switch). ON black models-turn the gas shutoff (on right side of carburetor) on (lever needs to be down).

14) push starter button on left handle bar which is yellow on some models, it is a black button on other models, which is below the red kill switch.

15) When choke is on and you push the start button it will start up and almost immediately it will die. Then turn the choke off , then push start button and it will restart immediately and NOW work the throttle to keep it going while it warms up. (if you leave the choke up while running or idling you will FOUL your spark plug because you are too rich and the spark plug turns black).

16) After starting, Let it idle for 2-3 minutes.

17) Now you are ready to ride the mini atv.

18) Adjust maximum riding speed - When riding the atv, adjust the maximum speed control with the black long screw that sticks out of the right handle grip (see picture). When you loosen the screw, it increases the maximum speed, when you screw it in, it reduces the maximum speed. After adjusting the maximum speed to the desired setting, tighten the nut around the bolt tightly so that the bolt does not fall out. Also if the bolt is free to vibrate, it will change your maximum speed setting.