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Trouble shooting: ATV start up guide !

If your ATV fails to start after the before mentioned procedure you will need to check several of the sub systems.
1. Fuel- To check if fuel is getting to the carburetor, you will need pull the fuel line at the carburetor. This can be accomplished by either going through the left side just under the left side of the tank. Contact Lowest Price atvs service technician for further trouble shooting advice Support@Lowestpriceatv.com
2. Spark- to check for adequate spark at the spark plug you will need to either remove the spark plug installed in the engine or acquire another.
First, remove the spark plug wire by grabbing the boot at the plug closest to the head of the engine. Next, insert a plug into the boot on the wire making sure it is fully inserted for good electrical contact. Then place plug gap end in contact with the head of the engine (this will ground the plug) so that you can observe the spark jumping the gap. Be careful not to hold the metal threaded portion of the plug while performing the following test. Next have a friend press the starting button to see if you have spark jumping across the gap. If spark occurs, the ignition system is good. If no spark occurs you will need to check if all wires are connected at the coil including the main spark plug wire. If all wires are connected and there is still no spark when the engine cranks over, contact Lowest Price atvs service technician for further trouble shooting advice.
3. Starter motor not cranking- If electrical system seems to be working but still no cranking of starter, check fuse. Fuse is located at or near the battery connection of the main battery cables.